Iglous and winter 2018-19

Our plan for this winter is ready!

The production of 20 Iglous is in progress and they will be distributed when the freezing nights will start.

They will be distributed only by professionals of social terrain services for homeless people who know them, their habits, the reasons why they stay sleeping outside, and who visit them regularly.

  • Armada Spasy in Ostrava will have 10 Iglous
  • Armada Spasy in Havirov will have 5
  • Slezska Diakonie in Karvina will have 5

At the end of the winter, the 20 Iglous will be collected back, washed and disinfected, and stored in preparation of the next winter.

Thanks all for your positive support, and when you will see an Iglou, think that one person in needs lives there and sleeps in slightly better conditions than outside.